Goals, Plans, and Ideas for January

As I near the end of my University career (for now) I find myself making mental lists of all of the things, both important, and… less important that I want to begin doing, learn how to do, go back to doing, when the semester ends.

I figured it would be helpful to have it all written down in an organized manner, so that I can add to it as I go, and check the things off as I do them.

So, here we go:

To Start Doing To Learn To Do Again
-take care of my skin (wash gentle 2 times each day, moisturize, etc)


-start taking care of my hands (nail/cuticle care)


- go for a manicure once a month


- get a haircut every 2 months


- do a “pamper me” day every other week


- whiten my teeth






-video editing




-organization techniques to stand by

-sew something new


-embroider an original design


-read 10 new books


-start exercising


-make jewelry


-crochet a big piece (blanket)


-start drawing again, and painting

Blog Health In the House
-write a new post 2 times each week


-take pictures for posts and be consistent


-do a new product review once each week (separate from blog posts)

-cut out all dairy (all)


-cut out all refined sugar


-no more pizza


-be (mostly) wheat-free


-walk (a dog, with Alex, or alone) for at least one hour total each day


-stand up straight

-throw out any clutter-enabling stuff


-organize all fabric


-organize all makeup


-deep clean all of the floors/carpets


-deep clean all kitchen shelves and cupboards


-sell old textbooks


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